FryskWare Perfect Neckcover 2100DSeasonWare The baroque horse The Andalusian The Frederiksborger The Friesian The Kladruber The Lipizzaner The Lusitano The Knabstrupper The Alter Real Winter & Rain Ware 185 / 195 / 205 / 215 cmFryskWare Perfect Neckcover 2100D

FryskWare Perfect Neckcover 2100D

Detachable Hood

Designed for combination with Perfect Turnout 2100D

The Perfect Neckcover can be attached to the Fryskware Perfect Turnout, with 0, 100 and 200 gr. lining. This neckcover has a smooth, antibacterial lining and is made of the cast-iron 2100 Denier with Teflon coating. The neck cover is adjustable, always fits and enables horses to graze.

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Fits perfectly

Baroque horses are graceful and compact, usually with a lush coat and waving manes. Although they are our best friend it is usually very hard to find a perfect fitting horse blanket for their wide front

The Andalusian

Fryskware horse blankets for Andalusiers

The Frederiksborger ODD

FryskWare horse blankets for the Frederiksborger

The Friesian

FryskWare horse blankets especially for Frisian horses

The Kladruber ODD

FryskWare horse blankets for the Kladruber

The Lipizzaner

FryskWare Horse blankets for the Lipizzaner

The Lusitano ODD

FryskWare horse blankets for the Lusitano

The Knabstrupper

FryskWare horse blankets for the Knabstrupper

The Alter Real ODD

FryskWare horse blankets for the Alter Real

SizeA to BC to D
185150 cm± 185 cm
195158 cm± 195 cm
205166 cm± 205 cm
215174 cm± 215 cm

How to measure your horse

The fit of blanket rug is extremely important to ensure the comfort of your horse and to prevent rubbing and slippage. Horses with the same shoulder height come in a variety of shapes and sizes, it is useful to take certain measurements of your horse.
Using a soft measuring tape, measure from (A) at the centre point of the chest, across the point of the shoulder and to the point (B) at the centre of the tail. When you have the measurement, remove 10cm (4inches) and choose your horse’s size from the table.
Bear in mind that every horse is different and that this table is a guide only.

High-quality layers

Given the mission of FryskWare (all horses outside as much as possible) the outdoor horse blankets are the perfect mix of technical innovation with the specific aspects of the Friesian and Baroque horse. The entire assortment horse blankets of FryskWare focuses on fit, freedom of movement, protection and comfort.

UV Protection

In order to cherish the fur colour of the horse (black remains black) and to protect the skin against harmful UV-rays the outside of the horse blanket has a UV protective coating. Main advantage: sunbeams cause less warmth, keeping the body temperature of horses in balance.

Teflon Coating

The outside of the FryskWare outdoor blankets has a strong TEFLON, waterproof coating. Rain drops automatically slide down the blanket. In addition the blanket resists the most heaviest rain showers without harming the breathability of the blanket. Teflon makes the blanket dirt repellent and dust resistant. Mud and/or sand will automatically slide down the blanket when the horse enjoys a mud bath.

2100 Denier Ballistic Nylon

FryskWare blankets are made of cast-iron and durable 2100 Denier nylon making it demolition proof and extremely safe for the horse. The outside is strengthened with fine Ripstop gauze fabric, extremely strong. The weave protects the horse against sharp objects and guarantees a possible opening won’t tear.


FryskWare outdoor blankets are available exclusive of lining (0-gram) and inclusive of lightweight lining (100 and 200 gram). Lining protects the horse at all times against cold, frost, wind and draught. The temperature schedule varies from 5-15 Celsius (0 gram), around the freezing point (100 gram) and frost (200 gram). The lining is ultralight and insulates optimally. In addition, the thermal lining regulates the body heat of the horse.


Thermal lining retains heat and avoids heat loss while excessive moisture can escape.


Nylon Ripstop (2100Denier)
Gegarandeerd waterdicht (4000 gr/mm)
Antibacterial and temperature-regulating lining with the 'Stay warm, stay dry, stay cool' effect
Tail flap
Extra long, extra wide
Leg straps
Elastic and adjustable
Belly straps
X- surcingle
Front flap
Winter & Rain Ware


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