Characteristics of the Baroque horse

Characteristics of the Baroque horse

Owners and carers of baroque horses have one thing in common; it is extremely difficult to find a perfect fitting horse blanket, due to the typical build of their baroque horse which is characterized by sloping shoulders. These shoulders require a lot of front space to avoid rubbing.

Due to this wide front both fit and cut of a horse blanket should have an U-shape instead of a V-shape, like most blankets have.

Baroque horses are characterized by a muscular, arched neck. As most blankets usually offer insufficient space for this neck, blankets are too tight and don’t allow horses to graze.

Many owners and carers of Frisian horses, Quarter horses, Groningers, Tinkers and PRE’s recognize this problem. Some brands offer so-called ‘Big Necks’ or ‘Full Necks’. FryskWare (FW), in close cooperation with owners and carers of baroque horses,  has exclusively specialized in horse blankets for these types of horses.

These FryskWare blankets offer a couple  of more extra’s such as a the patented FW-45 Superfront breast closure and mane protection. Of course these outdoor blankets are waterproof, breathable, dirt-resistant and unbreakable. In addition, they have an antibacterial smooth lining.