The first-class brand Fryskware was developed as solution for the usually bad fitting blankets on Frisian and Baroque horses. This type of horses is characterized by a sloping horse shoulder, usually resulting in a  wider and/or deeper front. The horse needs more shoulder room than normal. It is extremely hard to find a perfectly fitting horse blanket. The technology of Fryskware finally solves this problem by the special cut of the Fryswkare blankets in combination with the patented chest closure "FW45 Superfront".

Our Horses

Fryskware horse blankets have been design in close cooperation with owners of Frisian and Baroque horses, such as Andalusians, Lusitanos, Menorquins, Lipizzaners and  Welsh (E) Cobs. We own and ride broken-in horses as well. They also walk in front of the coach. A reliable horse blanket is indispensable. The perfect fitting Fryskware horses protect our horses against weather influences, flies and insects.


The Fryskware team believes weather is not a good reason to stable a horse. Horses should be outside. Period. Of course there should be sufficient space, other horses, shadow and shelters. On top of all there should be sufficient fresh water and unlimited, first-class hay.

Fryskware has developed a perfectly fitting blanket with proper functionalities so horses can be outside 24/7. For example a waterproof, perfectly breathing outdoor blanket for meadows or paddocks. Or a solid, insect repellent fly blanket that protects sensible parts around ears and eyes as well. Or a perfectly fitting and optimally breathing eczema blanket protecting both skin, fur and manes in summer.

Our mission? All horses outside, inclusive the Frisian and Baroque horse!